Swiss Estates Strategie

Swiss Estates AG is focused on residential buildings in urban areas, including agglomerations, in Switzerland.

Residential properties larger than 20 rental units are acquired on an opportunistic basis ("under-managed assets" or "assets with repositioning potential").

We apply the maxim "buy and develop", i.e. income real estate is held for the long term and developed further; sales are only planned in special situations.

Swiss Estates AG is an operative company (*). The operative activity consists of acquisition, administration, and further development of investment real estate with a focus on residential properties. Within this context, existing properties and newly acquired real estate is repositioned within the scope of complete renovations/conversions and repurposing; in some cases, new buildings are created.

The company's revenues are generates from rental of its own properties; additional "upside" is achieved through the repositioning of properties (optimisation of all value drivers) and the resulting increase in value.