Participation certificates – Symbol: SEAP (BX Swiss) WAG (Frankfurt stock exchange / Dusseldorf stock exchange)
ISIN CH0019304531 VALOR 1930453
WKN A0MJ3Y    
The participation certificate capital of Swiss Estates AG consists of bearer participation certificates (non-voting bearer shares) with a nominal value of CHF 5.00 per share. Participation certificates grant the same entitlement to a share of the balance sheet profit in proportion to their nominal value as the shares of the company.
However, participation certificates do not constitute a right to vote or any other related right. The company waives the physical issue of participation certificates ("canceled title print").
Bearer participation certificates may in principle also be acquired by persons abroad within the meaning of the 'Federal Act on the Acquisition of Property by Persons Abroad' (BewG), although this website expressly does not apply to these persons. Currently there are no public issues.
Important note: This information does NOT constitute an issue prospectus within the meaning of Art. 652a or Art. 1156 CO.